TPX1043 PLC with HMI Monitor Touch-Screen 4,3"

Based on an ARM9 architecture, the TPX1043 is a PLC with human-machine interface device with 4.3" touch-screen which integrates the QT graphics libraries. The operator panel with PLC can be supplied with horizontal or vertical monitor. "MECT SUITE" softwares are OpenSource.

It is available the Remote Connection and Monitoring service sMily, essential for Industry 4.0, to remotely control your device, from anywhere at anytime.

On the PLC operator panel TPX1043 there are input and output digital: 4 fast inputs PNP, 4 fast outputs PNP with the possibility of expansion.

The PLC operator panel TPX1043 is equipped with Modbus RTU over RS485 , Modbus TCP and TCPRTU on Ethernet interface.

The micro USB port is used as a host for datalogging and software update, or as a device for mass storage. On PLC operator panel TPX1043 can be installed a micro SD memory card up to 64 GB, for programs and data.


To configure your PLC operator panel TPX1043 is available the "MECT SUITE" software.

"MECT SUITE" contains the software to configure the system and to create the PLC and HMI graphics applications:

Qt Creator:

  • Generate graphics HMI application (graphics pages);
  • Generation and definition of the system variables;
  • Configuration of the communication parameters;
  • Operator Panel preliminary setting;
  • Easy insertion of elements associated to PLC variables;
  • Ready pages for recording / logging;
  • Use, if necessary, Qt / C++ code;
  • HMI application debug.


  • Generation PLC application (in 5 IEC 61131-3 languages);
  • In addition to several libraries are available those of PID and Self-tuning;
  • PLC application debug.

On PLC operator panel TPX1043 model thousand of retentive variables are available (the value is maintained during the power off of the HMI).



Operative system: LINUX Real Time
Graphic libraries: QT
PLC: programmable with 5 standard languages IEC61131-3: Structured Text (ST), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Sequential Function Chart (SFC), Ladder Diagram (LD), Instruction List (IL)
Application monitor for debugger PLC
Setup() & Loop(): possibility to write your own application only in hMI environment (C/C++)
Modbus RTU / TCP/ TCPRTU (master/slave)
Datalogger, Trend, Recipes, Alarms
Wi-Fi and Mobile network management by optional USB pen drive
VNC control
NTP (Network Time Protocol)
Remote connection Open Vpn
SFTP Secure Server (Win SCP)
MySQL/SQLite database access
Easily obtain log values within web based applications (HTTP + JSON)
Client MQTT (Eclipse Mosquitto library)


CASE: plastic molding housing
DISPLAY: 4,3" 480x272 TFT 262k colours
CPU: processor ARM926 32 Bits 454 MHz
MASS STORAGE: 64 GB Micro SD (FAT format and only partition)


  • 1 Ethernet port (10/100 Base-T)
  • 1 Micro USB 2.0 host port
  • 2 RS485 2 wires (not isolated)
  • 1 UART for debug


  • 4 Fast Input (PNP 0-24Vdc)
  • 4 Fast outputs (PNP 0-24Vdc)
  • Expandable inputs / outputs

See ACIN01 product for relay outputs.

Power supply: 12÷28Vdc, 250mA
Dimensions: 80 x 156 x 37 mm (H x L x W)
Weight: 0,20Kg
Mounting plate: 68 x 127 mm


Display: TFT LCD
Dimensions: 4,3"
Resolution: 480x272
Luminance (cd/m2): 400
Backlight: LED


Operating temperature: 0°/+50°C
Storage temperature: -20°/+60°C
Relative humidity: 10%-90%@40°C
Protection: IP65 on the front panel


If you need to use the remote input/output modules you can use the following models:

  • MPNE1001: 8 digital inputs, 8 programmable digital inputs/outputs + analog and digital expansions.
  • MPNC006: 8 digital inputs/outputs + 2 universal analog inputs module.
  • MPNC020: 16 digital inputs/outputs module.
  • MPNC030: 4 universal analog inputs module.
  • MPNC035: 4 universal analog outputs module.
plc hmi wifi arm9
TPAC1008 02

HMI monitor with 7" touch-screen and PLC with integrated inputs/outputs. Digital: 8 inputs and 12 outputs, Analog: 4 inputs and 2 outputs. Modbus RTU, TCP, TCPRTU and CANopen.

plc modular
TPAC1008 03

HMI monitor with 7" touch-screen and PLC with integrated inputs/outputs. Digital: 28 inputs and 20 outputs, Analog: 4 inputs and 4 outputs, 5 Encoder and 3 load cells.

pannello plc touch screen.jpg

HMI monitor with 4.3" touch-screen and PLC with integrated inputs/outputs. Digital: 8 inputs/outputs configurable and 4 inputs, Analog: 2 inputs and 1 outputs.Modbus RTU, TCP, TCPRTU.


Modbus RTU interface module with programmable digital lines.

modbus rtu interface coupler

Modbus RTU interface module with analog inputs and programmable digital lines.

analog input converters

MPCV015 signal converter (analog input converter) with 1500V of triple galvanic isolation.

pannello operatore monitor hmi

4.3" touch-screen HMI with PLC embedded. Equipped with Modbus RTU protocol or CANopen; Modbus TCP and TCPRTU on Ethernet interface.

plc arm9 touchscreen hmi

7" touch-screen HMI with PLC embedded. Equipped with Modbus RTU protocol and CANopen (optional); Modbus TCP and TCPRTU on Ethernet interface.

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