smily pc and mobile
smily mobile

sMily is a new service that allows you to access the machine remotely at any time, through any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Through sMily you can operate as if you were in front of the machine, verifying with the maximum accuracy the operation.

sMily: the service that cancels distances and eliminates travel.

Remote connection

  • Secure and encrypted connection via VPN via LAN, Wi-Fi and Mobile
  • sMily can also be installed on both PC and smartphones/tablets
  • Monitoring of system variables
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Remote application debugging
  • Total machine control
  • Software update (HMI/PLC)
  • Access privileges management
  • Warning of alarms by email and/or Push notifications and/or SMS (optional)
  • Alarms view
  • Notice of disconnection and/or reconnection of the device via email and/or Push notifications


sMily allows you to monitor the application. You can:

  • synchronize on the server the variables of the user application.
  • display default variables
  • download files from the server
  • view data using charts
  • create specific log files and download data in .xlsx format
  • use the file transfer functionality between device and web interface
  • obtain the list of files uploaded via "file transfer" through the use of the API
  • obtain data stored in the sMily cloud, in JSON format, through application software
  • send, via API, files of "recipes" from application software to the device
  • send, via Web Browser, files of "recipes" to the device (optional)

More info

sMily is a solution based on advanced systems, such as OpenVPN and OpenSSL, and allows you to remotely manage an industrial plant or machinery in a simple and safe way, avoiding expensive interventions on site. Communication is always encrypted to protect data and avoid intrusion or external interference

The basic requirement for using sMily is to connect the PLC or MECT Operator Panel to the Internet, via a wired network, WiFi or mobile data.

sMily in practice

By entering the credentials in the portal of sMily, you have immediate access to the system and information on the operation of the machinery or plant, you can perform control and monitoring operations, maintenance and updating directly on the machine

The sMily platform also allows the definition and hierarchical management of users and the assignment of machines to users, each with different access rules.

Moreover, through the hierarchy of users and machines, sMily allows to extrapolate data for the creation of statistics for the sales, marketing and production sectors. For example, it is possible to evaluate the performance of a given geographical area rather than a particular product line.