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HMI monitor with 4.3" touch-screen and PLC with integrated inputs/outputs. Digital: 8 inputs/outputs configurable and 4 inputs, Analog: 2 inputs and 1 outputs.Modbus RTU, TCP, TCPRTU.

plc hmi wifi arm9
TPAC1008 02

HMI monitor with 7" touch-screen and PLC with integrated inputs/outputs. Digital: 8 inputs and 12 outputs, Analog: 4 inputs and 2 outputs. Modbus RTU, TCP, TCPRTU and CANopen.

plc modular
TPAC1008 03

HMI monitor with 7" touch-screen and PLC with integrated inputs/outputs. Digital: 28 inputs and 20 outputs, Analog: 4 inputs and 4 outputs, 5 Encoder and 3 load cells.

Operator panels integrated with PLC are human machine interface (HMI) systems, i.e. devices that allow people to control the machinery and production facilities.

The special feature of Mect touch screen PLC panels, single touch and multi touch, is to be equipped with network interface, usb port and Inputs/Outputs, both analogue and digital, integrated into the product.

All Mect electronics is entirely made in Italy.

Depending on the configurations chosen, our HMI interfaces with integrated PLC provide the tools needed to control production processes, the most important units of industry 4.0 automation.

In the case of PLC Mect panels, remote control service is integrated and allows machine values to be monitored, as well as operating remotely without additional modules , but only in the presence of network connections. The PLC with displays are available in different sizes, both horizontal and vertical, with integrated communication ports Ethernet, Usb, Can, RS485, analogue and digita Inputs / Outputsl. To our customers we offer cheap solutions of panels with integrated PLCs, with the quality that distinguishes us for over 35 years.

The HMI machine human interfaces with PLC require not only hardware, but also software. The Mect Suite development system is available for free, both on the PLC panel side and on the computer side, it does not involve a license for use and it is completely open source.

To learn more about PLC operator panels with HMI, you can go into the details of the product, or also contact us for custom solutions.

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