mect plug and play

It eliminates training costs, reduces development time and makes the transition from project to machine operation transparent to the customer: Plug & Play!

The Mect product leaves the parent company already equipped with a software application and ready to be installed and run on the customer's machine.

Simple and well-tested process

The Customer provides Mect with the technical and validation specifications of the machinery.

Mect formulates an economic and temporal offer, including the development and debugging times of the system.

Mect engineers develop both PLC and HMI application software.

The Mect product leaves the manufacturer equipped with an application software and ready to be installed on the machine.

The sources of the application always given to the Customer

The sources of the application are provided to the Customer when the application is considered validated by both parties.

The Customer will then be able to make changes to the application software both functional (PLC) and graphic/aesthetic (HMI) without the mandatory intervention of Mect

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