What they say about us

  A serious and competent company. We have been working with them for more than 20 years and their technical expertise has grown exponentially, especially in recent years. Quick both in responding and in solving problems in the field. Cutting edge electronic partner from the technological point of view and attentive to innovations. One of their best features is to be designers and manufacturers of their solutions, ensuring the customer a complete service and reducing the costs of production.
  Plc with monitor built by Turin-based company, dedicated to small and medium enterprises that want to approach the world of automation. It immediately attracted my curiosity for its promising technical features and its flexibility of use, but also these plc have the peculiarity of being programmable by anyone through the software package called "MECT SUITE". The programming of the plc is also suitable for the most experienced, who through the design software can create dedicated applications in different fields. Excellent assistance, able to quickly solve any problem.
  The monitors and plc have been customized according to our specifications and have never given us any problems. Customer service is fast and accurate and deliveries are always on time and correct. A reliable, highly professional company that responds promptly to the market and customer needs.
  We have been working with Mect for almost 30 years. We started our relationship using Mect displays and, when our products evolved in the first decade of the 2000s, we switched to using Mect PLCs on our dynamometers integrated with a board they designed and produce for our accuracy and precision needs. Over the years we have changed our products and the technical evolution has been constant and complete. Mect also provides us with software for both PLC and PC sides. Mect is a small, dynamic and cutting edge company, a reference point for any electronic or signal management need, it has been able to direct my company several times towards ideal solutions that often did not even involve it directly. Over the years a relationship of strong trust and esteem has been established, completely transparent and commercially very fair.
  The oleodynamic and electro-hydraulic system, of which our company is leader, is consolidated but in continuous evolution towards automated and digitized solutions , according to the Industry 4.0 paradigm. In the complex automation market, Mect has been a positive discovery,representing quality,experience,competence and after-sales service. The operator panels we purchase offer, in a single product, an integrated solution of logic control and display, they are also modular, easy to program and standardized in terms of programming languages and communication protocols.