TPAC1007 04 PLC with HMI Monitor Touch-Screen 4,3"

Based on an ARM9 architecture, the TPAC1007 is a PLC with human-machine interface device with 4.3" touch-screen which integrates the QT graphics libraries. The operator panel with PLC can be supplied with horizontal or vertical monitor. "MECT SUITE" softwares are OpenSource.

It is available the Remote Connection and Monitoring service sMily, essential for Industry 4.0, to remotely control your device, from anywhere at anytime.

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sMily - Remote connection and Monitoring

sMily is a new service that allows you to access the machine remotely at any time, through any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Through sMily you can operate as if you were in front of the machine, verifying with the maximum accuracy the operation.

sMily: the service that cancels distances and eliminates travel.

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Custom solutions

You have an idea but you do not know how to achieve it? Did you find a product that is "almost" for you, but needs some changes?

Mect provides its customers with a range of highly specialized services:

  • Hardware, firmware and software design
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Realization of prototypes
  • PC application development
  • PLC automations
  • HMI automations

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One of their best features is to be designers and manufacturers of their solutions, ensuring the customer a complete service.

Alberto Sciandra – R&D Director, Mottura SpA

Excellent assistance, able to quickly solve any problem.

Stefano Balaudo - Sales engineer, Impianti Toscana Inox srl

A reliable, highly professional company that responds promptly to the market and customer needs.

Lucio Di Fazio - Di Fazio Lucio Impianti elettrici e automazioni industriali

A dynamic and cutting edge company, a reference point for any electronic or signal management need.

Roberto Acquati - Acquati G. srl

In the complex automation market, Mect has been a positive discovery,representing quality,experience,competence and after-sales service.

Paolo Pano - M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Hydac SpA