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BI-DIRECTIONAL COUNTERS - What is displaying F1 F2 F4?

N notches encoders provide in reality 4 fronts for each notch, whereby it is possible to have a counting resolution up to 4 times the number of notches of the encoder. The function F1 F2 F4 displays the count counting a single impulse to notch, or 2 or 4. In practice with an encoder with 1000 notches per revolution can display 1000 counts or 2000 or 4000.

Since PLCs and HMI Mect are based on Linux platform, the PLC also need my PC with Linux software?

Not at all.

Should I upgrade my PLC and HMI logic of my Mect device, how should I do?

The roads to follow may be different.

Is it possible to have a compact and HMI+PLC integrated solution?

Yes. The TPAC family constitutes the compact and complete HMI and PLC solution to control and manage all those processes that make an automated system fast and effective.