4½ digit display in a 48x96 box for AC or DC current or voltage input. Optional 4 relays or 8 static alarm outputs and analogue and serial output.

The MPA-MPV M6 models are instruments with 16 bit A/D converter for AC or DC voltage or current input.

The available measuring scales are listed in the "Features" section.

For input voltage > 20Vac, an external resistor partition must be provided.

The instrument has the following functions:

  • 4½ digit indicator (± 19999)
  • Reading of any input value inside the requested range
  • Minimum or maximum peak measuring
  • Reading at 30 conv/sec
  • "Filtering" process for instrument readings
  • Zeroing of automatic reading function
  • Possibility of read out with 10 steps linearization.

The MPA-MPV M6 instruments can be ordered with the following options:

  • Normal or optoisolated bidirectional serial output or monodirectional version for printer.
  • 8 static alarm outputs or 4 relay alarm outputs for normal working or window alarms completely programmable for value, hysteresis and delay
  • Normal or optoisolated analogue output (4÷20mA or 0÷20mA or 0÷10V).
  • Transducer power output stabilized on request between 5 and 24Vdc

Readings: 4½ digits
Accuracy input DC: < 0,2%
Accuracy input AC: 2%
Thermal stability: 50 ppm/°C
Transducer power supply: standard 24Vdc on request 5÷20Vdc/20mA
Analogue outputs features:

  • Outputs: 4÷20mA - 0÷20mA - 0÷10V
  • Max load for current output: 400Ω
  • Min. load for voltage output: 1KΩ
  • Resolution: 16 bit

Exchange relay output: 5A / 250Vac
Static outputs NPN-PNP: 50mA/30Vdc
Power supply: 90÷260 Vac/Vdc - 12÷30 Vac/Vdc
Power absorption: 6W
Max working temperature: 50 °C
Digits height : 13mm
Dimensions: 48x96 (120 mm. Depth)
Mounting plate: 44.5mm (h) x 92.5 mm (l)
Weight: 350 gr.
Mounting: by bolts


SR1÷3: 1÷3 relay alarms
SR4: 4 Relay alarms without serial outputs
STN1÷8: 1÷8 NPN open collector static output alarms
STP1÷8: 1÷8 PNP open collector static output alarms
SNO1÷8: 1÷8 NPN open collector optoisolated static output alarms
SPO1÷8: 1÷8 PNP open collector optoisolated static output alarms

OAM: Analogue outputs (0÷20mA, 4÷20mA, 0÷10V)
OAT: Optoisolated analogue outputs (0÷20mA, 4÷20mA, 0÷10V)

V5÷20: Transducer power (standard 24Vdc)

Cod. 2: RS 422 bi-directional
Cod. 3: RS 485 bi-directional
Cod. 4: RS 232 bi-directional
Cod. 12: RS 422 optoisolated bi-directional
Cod. 13: RS 485 optoisolated bi-directional
Cod. 14: RS 232 optoisolated bi-directional


MPA 38122: (0)4÷20mAdc20Ω
02: 1.9999 mAdc100Ω
03: 19.999 mAdc10Ω
04: 199.99 mAdc
07: 1.9999 Adc0.1Ω
08: 1.0000 Adc0.1Ω
10: 10.000 Adc0.005Ω
00: shunt ext.
MPA 38602: 1.9999 mAac100Ω
03: 19.999 mAac10Ω
04: 199.99 mAac
07: 1.9999 Aac0.1Ω
08: 10.000 Aac0.005Ω
10: T.A./1Aac0.1Ω
11: T.A./5Aac0.01Ω
MPV 37101: 199.99 mVdc
02: 1.9999 Vdc
03: 19.999 Vdc1MΩ
04: 199.99 Vdc1MΩ
07: 1.0000 Vdc1MΩ
08: 10.000 Vdc1MΩ
MPV 37601:199.99 mVac
02:1.9999 Vac
03:19.999 Vac1MΩ
MP20 M1

4-digit Display (A, V) in 48x48.

MP30 P2

4 digit display with fixed scale in a 36x72 box

MP40 P6

4 digit display (A, V) in a 48x96 box.

MP45 P6

4 digit display (A, V) with two alarms in a 48x96 box.


4-digit Display (A, V) in 48x96; 2 alarm relay; Analog output.

MP1200 P6

4 digit display (A, V, J, K, S, PT100) in a 48x96 box; 2/3 alarms; analogue and serial outputs.


4-digit Display (A, V) in 48x96; 2/3 alarm relay; Analog and serial outputs.

MPPV010 P6

OUT OF PRODUCTION - 5-digit Display for load cell in 48x96; 2/3 alarm relay; Analog and serial outputs.

MPPV340 M6

4½ digit display in a 48x96 box for strain gauge (load cell) input.

MPP323 M6

4½ digit display in a 48x96 box for potentiometer transducer.

MPO347 M6

4½ digit display in a 48x96 box for Ohm measures (ohmmeter).

MP2200 M6

4½ digit display in a 48 x 96 box for 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V. Input ant thermocouples J, K, and Pt100.