Keeping the tradition of the PLC family unchanged, the TPAC is not a normal Operator Panel because it is equipped with an integrated PLC with Linux Real Time Operating System.

HMI and PLC features

The TPAC is a system that integrates HMI and PLC in a single device and digital inputs, digital outputs, bidirectional encoder inputs, analog inputs (PT100, thermocouples, 0 ÷ 10V, 4 ÷ 20mA), RPM inputs and analog outputs (0 ÷ 10V, 4 ÷ 20mA), in addition to the Modbus and CANopen field buses and the Ethernet interface.

Availability of both digital and analog Inputs / Outputs, directly on board, adaptability to standard protocols, graphic interface, the TPAC controls / manages / visualizes all those processes that make an automated system fast, effective and reliable.

Equipped with RS485 ports and managing the Modbus protocol, the TPAC interfaces with remote Input / Output both digital (MPNE1001 and MPNC020), and analog (MPNC030 and MPNC035) and with any transducer that uses the same communication protocol. For example: pressure, position, level and temperature; or motor drives or axis control modules.

The system includes the Linux kernel, hardware drivers, soft PLC (including the standard IEC61131-3 languages) and the Qt-based graphical interface.

IDE Mect Suite includes:

Implementation of IEC61131-3 languages:

  • SFC sequential function charts
  • FBD functional block diagram
  • ST structured text
  • IL (AWL) instruction list
  • LD ladder diagram

    Generation of the compiled code
    Several function blocks to be used in the library;
    Boolean, integer, real-time types or user-defined structures support;
    Check of program syntax and system coherence;
    The compiler is optimized;
    Application monitor and the debugger.

Application layer:
Graphical interface to give to the user the basic routines for the man-machine interface; main application that controls the entire system and external interfaces.
Development system on a standard Windows PC consisting of:
- Soft PLC Development system
- Our Soft PLC includes an IDE and a Soft PLC
- Human Machine Interface

The graphic development system on PC gives to the user the possibility to create the man-machine graphic interface, using standard images and some standard fonts and to connect it to the Soft PLC variables to display the graph bars, colored fonts, tools index linked to process variables and much more.