MPT390 M6

Thermoregulator in a 48x96 box with two display for 4÷20mA, 0÷20mA, 0÷10V, J, K, S, and PT100.
Output PID or ON-OFF control with static or relay output. Ramp control with 3 programs with of 8 steps each. Optional 2 alarm relays output, analogue output and serial outputs.

The MPT390 M6 instrument model is a "single loop" temperature controller in 48x96 container with the possibility to execute 3 programs of 8 steps each and servomotor control drive.

The MPT has an interface with thermoresistors, thermocouplings and analog inputs.

The management software allows instrument set-up directly from the key-board; the control is by PID/ON-OFF together with "soft-start" function and "self-tuning" for automatic acquisition of the control parameters.

The instrument may be ordered with the following options:

  • Bi-directional serial outputs with or without opto isolation
  • Tension or current output for motorized valve control or read-out output with or without opto isolation

Thermal stability: 50ppm/°C
Accuracy better than: 0.5%
Inputs: TC: J, K,S; RTD PT100; 0÷20mA; 4÷20mA; 0÷10V
Controls: PID, ON-OFF
Cold junction compensation: automatic
Analogue outputs features:

  • Outputs: 4÷20mA - 0÷20mA - 0÷10V(ch1)- 0÷10V(ch2)
  • Max load for current output: 300Ω
  • Min. load for voltage output: 1KΩ
  • Resolution: 12 bit

Load. input 4÷20mA: 20Ω
Load. input 0÷10V: 1MΩ
Heater break: by TA/1A or 1Adc
Relay output for alarms: 5A / 250Vac
Exchange relay output for main control: 5A / 250 Vac
Static output: for solid state relay
Power supply: 12÷30Vac/Vdc , 90÷260Vac/Vdc
Power absorption: 5W
Max working temperature: 50 °C
Height digits: 8 mm read out (red) - 8mm set point (green)
Dimensions: 48x96 (120mm depth)
Mounting plate: 92,5 mm (h) x 44,5 mm (l)


Position 1:

B: Main relay output + static output

Psition 2:

01: 2 alarms + heater break
02: 2 alarms
03: 1 alarm

Position 3:

OAP: Analogue outputs for motor valve control or read-out
OAC: Optoisolated analogue outputs for motor valve control or Read-out

Cod. 2: RS 422 bi-directional
Cod. 3: RS 485 bi-directional
Cod. 4: RS 232 bi-directional
Cod. 12: RS 422 optoisolated bi-directional
Cod. 13: RS 485 optoisolated bi-directional
Cod. 14: RS 232 optoisolated bi-directional


0÷10V0÷ ±1999
0÷20mA0÷ ±1999
Fe/CO0÷600 °C
Ni/Cr-Ni0÷1200 °C
Pt/Pt-Rh10%0÷1710 °C
PT100 e0÷800 °C
PT100 r-40.0÷200.0 °C
thermoregulator visualizator
MPT60 M1

Temperature controller (mA, V, J, K, S, PT100) in 48x48; 1 alarm; Analog output.

MPT90 M1

Temperature controller (mA, V, J, K, S, PT100) with dual display in 48x48; 1 alarm; Analog output.

MPT91 M1

Temperature controller (mA, V, J, K, S, PT100) with dual disply in 48x48; 1 alarm; Analog and serial output.

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