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The MPCIB20 M1 model can be used for counting, positioning or measuring by means of an incremental bi-directional encoder.


The instrument offers the following functions:

  • double display: upper display (red) for counting and lower diplay (green) for set point or total counting
  • memorized count after power down
  • 5 digit counters
  • input from encoders - NPN or PNP sensors
  • 2 relay output ( SR2) or 1 exchange relay output (SR1F)
  • pre-set function
  • divisor programmable from 1 to 65535
  • multiplier programmable from 1 to 65535
  • 1, 2 or 4 input edges counting
  • 1 count input and 1 up/down control input
  • 2 indipendent count inputs A and B with A + B or A - B function
  • alarm setting: windows, threshold, threshold with stop counting, automatic cycle for up counting, automatic cycle for down counting, offset respect setpoint 1

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