The MECT Suite SDK is a set of programs on PC / Laptop that allows to develop both HMI and PLC application and their shared configuration. Due to the high integration of the software it is possible to set an HMI graphic interface without being a software programmer. On the other hand the system is open and it is possible, if needed, to build complex (HMI / PLC) applications.

Mect Suite SDK

The Mect Suite SDK is totally free of charge and based on free software, and includes: QtCreator, ATCMcontrol Engineering and ATCM Can Builder (see bottom of page).

On the TP / TPAC panels two applications (HMI / PLC) are installed that communicate each other and share the configuration:

- HMI Application: is the HMI application that manages the display and the touch screen.

- PLC Application: is the PLC application (IEC-61131-3) that manages the inputs and the outputs with different fieldbus (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, CANopen, ...).

  • Main system characteristics:
  • - Real Time
  • - VNC remote control
  • - Data logging
  • - Online debugging of HMI and PLC
  • - Recipes
  • - Alarms
  • - Graphics / Trends
  • - Wi-Fi and Mobile (GPRS, UMTS, …) [with optional USB dongle]
  • - Setup() & loop(): possibility to write own application only in HMI environment (C/C++)
  • - OpenVPN
  • - FTP Secure Server
  • Protocols:
  • - Modbus TCP client and server
  • - Modbus RTU client and server
  • - Modbus TCP RTU client and server
  • - CANopen
Qt Creator:

SDK program used to build the HMI (Human to Machine Interface) graphic interface. “Drag & drop” facility: it is possible to create the HMI application without writing software code by using the ATCMplugins, which allow you to easily connect the HMI graphic to the PLC variables. At the same time, the software programmers can follow the Qt standard way to use and write in C++ code if needed.

Using the SDK you can run from PC the interactive debugging of HMI application running on the panel.

The inside tool Mect Configurator allows to build the shared configuration, especially for the communication parameters between HMI and PLC (internal variable) and for the communication parameters with external Modbus (RTU, TCP, TCPRTU).

The inside tool Qt Linguist allows to easily translate the HMI graphic interface in several languages.

Mect Suite SDK

ATCMcontrol Engineering:

SDK program used to build the PLC application. It is possible to create PLC programs using the IEC 61131-3 five languages: Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart, Ladder Diagram, Instruction List.

Using the SDK you can run from PC the interactive debugging of PLC application running on the panel.

The PLC application can be written in several programs grouped in TASKS with different timing and priorities.

Mect Suite SDK

ATCM Can Builder:

SDK program used to build the configuration of the CANopen network with TP/TPAC Mect as a master starting from the EDS of the CAN nodes involved.

Mect Suite SDK


Using the hardware Starter Kit is very easy to carry out directly at your desk the initial evaluating tests on the application HMI / PLC using inputs / outputs.

Using a simple VNC viewer software is very easy to view and interact from your PC / Tablet with the HMI / PLC application developed by the Mect Suite SDK.


In the last MectSuite SDK directory download, from PC Installer folder, the executable file on the PC.

Please read the following documents to have a brief introduction:

In the PC Installer directory you can find the instructions for the download of the software.


The Mect Suite SDK is totally free of charge and based on free software, hosted on GitHub: to learn more, click the button.