Mect for You

Mect for you is the name of the company division for the electronic project, industrial automation and robotics, and also for the software and firmware project.

A qualified team can deal with any problem, analizyng and studying the requests and offering best solutions.

Comany uses tools of high quality and reliability, verifying and testind final products.


At the beginning of the project phase, Mect is able to evaluate production costs, in porder to optimize processes and then final costs.

Comany grants high levels of quality and reliability, and high performance as well.

Comany offers the following services:

  1. Electronic project
  2. Project and production of prototypes;
  3. Firmware and hardware project;
  4. PCB project;
  5. HMI automation;
  6. PLC automation;
  7. Industrial automation systems;
  8. Electronic circuits project;
  9. Electronics and automation. 
Immagine di automazione industriale



Here are the steps to carry out together:

  1. Customer's idea
  2. Feasibility analysis
  3. Design and development
  4. Engineering
  5. Prototyping
  6. Emc testing
  7. Production


Industrial automation is the set of technologies (mechanics, electronics and computer) that gives to the machineries and the production processes the features of independence, safety, accuracy, speed and efficiency.

The automation system allows to:
Reduce human interaction;
Reduce costs, both maintenance and production;
Give high quality to the work ;
Ensure high safety in the production process;
Optimize the time of production, making the production faster;
Get an enhanced and competitive product for the market;
Reduce waste typical of the production process.

With Mect for you industrial automation becomes available to everyone: you describe your idea, the company starts with the feasibility analysis, then the budget, the design, the development, the engineering, the construction of a prototype , the EMC testing and finally, when everything is confirmed, the production of the final product.

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